As a farmer or contractor, you want to get the most out of your agricultural machine or tractor. In order to avoid losing time due to a broken down machine, Huis Vallaey can provide you with service and maintenance of agricultural machinery and tractors. We operate within a 50 km radius of our premises in Lichtervelde (West Flanders) in order to serve you as efficiently as possible.

Maintenance and service

Maintenance of agricultural machinery

At Huis Vallaey you can have your tractor or agricultural machinery serviced every year. Since we are the main dealer of the complete New Holland range, we can service any type of tractor or machine by the brand. During the winter months, you also benefit from special maintenance conditions. In addition, we sell Herriau seed drills, Agrifac sprayers, Geringhoff attachments, DiBO cleaning machines and Maschio implements, which you can also have serviced by us in our workshop in West Flanders.

The benefits of periodic maintenance of your agricultural machinery

Why regular maintenance is interesting:

  • Longer life span
  • Improved reliability
  • Increased safety for the driver
  • Higher performance

What is involved in the maintenance of an agricultural machine?

An overview of the maintenance we perform on your agricultural machine or tractor:

  • Renewing wear parts
  • Checking and lubricating drives and wheels
  • Replacing filters
  • Oil changes
  • Adjusting control cables
  • Checking batteries
  • Checking the air-conditioning system
Maintenance and service


Has your agricultural machine or tractor broken down? Our mechanics will be dispatched as quickly as possible and repair the machine in our workshop. We have our own stock of machine parts and can quickly supply you with spare parts from reputable brands or our own white label, should a replacement be necessary. Our specialists know all the machines inside out, make a quick diagnosis and solve the problem in no time at all. It means you can continue your activities without incurring major losses. Are you able to carry out the repair yourself and know which spare part(s) you need? View our wide range of machine parts and place your order!

Warranty conditions

New Holland agricultural machines and tractors are always sold with three years of Blue Care+. You have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, the 2nd and 3rd year or up to 7,500 hours you are fully insured against any problems, both for an internal defect and Casco+. There is a certain exemption depending on the type of machine, but there is no wear and tear deduction. The insurance can be extended to five years in total.

Maintenance and service
Maintenance and service
Maintenance and service

Official New Holland dealer

Huis Vallaey has resolutely opted for New Holland tractors and agricultural machinery for many years. The brand is committed to making life easier for farmers worldwide through efficient and durable agricultural machinery. In the 1920s, Remi Vallaey Sr. sold Claeys stationary threshers. The brand was acquired by New Holland in 1958. Since then, Huis Vallaey has been the official dealer of New Holland harvesters, telehandlers, tractors and implements.

We are a family business with over 100 years’ experience in agricultural machinery. So you can be sure that you will receive highly competent advice. We can expertly deduce which machine is suitable for your business and activities.

Maintenance and service
Maintenance and service
Maintenance and service

Second-hand agricultural machinery

In addition to new machines, you will also find second-hand New Holland agricultural machinery and tractors in our range. By carrying out regular inspections and maintenance of these machines, we ensure that our second-hand range is always in good shape, up-to-date and in excellent condition. Are you interested in a used machine? Visit our showroom in Lichtervelde!

Maintenance and service

Need repairs or maintenance of your agricultural machinery?

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