Seed drills

Huis Vallaey has been selling Herriau‘s custom seed drills since 2016. Herriau produces pneumatic seed drills that sow different types of crops with millimetre precision. The patented distribution head guarantees a constant, optimal distance between the seeds. This improves the quality of the field crop and simplifies the harvesting process.

Pneumatic seed drills

Turbosem Satellite

The precision seed drills Huis Vallaey sells includes the Turbosem Satellite. The seed drill is equipped with a power harrow and front tank. This Herriau seed drill is characterised by a working width of between three and six metres and a minimum distance between the rows of 12.5 centimetres. The satellite tanks each have a capacity of 130 litres and are automatically filled by sensors. The distribution head with OLDS ELEVATOR™ in the tank supplies 12 rows. The power harrow can be fitted with GOMPACK rollers to level the field. The Turbosem Satellite can also be equipped with additional hydraulic pressure wheels on the front tank. The seed drill is foldable for transporting on public roads.

Turbosem Integrata

Herriau’s Turbosem Integrata seed drills are also sold by Huis Vallaey. They have a power harrow, a fixed frame and a working width of three to four metres. These seed drills have two distribution heads with 12 sowing elements each for seed supply. The 24 sowing elements have an inter-row distance of 12.5 to 16.7 centimetres. The Turbosem Integrata features a Dickey John IntelliAg ISO6 planter system that adjusts the number of seeds per square metre and displays the percentage of doubles and misses. The seeds are supplied by means of a standard venturi or an electric-powered venturi with a wheel to the two large tanks.

Front tanks

The Turbosem Satellite seed drills sold at Huis Vallaey are equipped as standard with a front tank, due to the smaller satellite tanks. However, the Turbosem Integrata can also be combined with a front tank. We distinguish between two sizes of front tanks. The small version has a capacity of 1,100 litres, the large one 1,500 litres.

A front tank offers greater flexibility in fields with diverse surface areas. Due to the larger capacity, you lose less time in the field refilling seeds. Mounting a front tank gives your seed drill more stability and you can use a tractor with a lower power capacity. The compact design of the front tank ensures an optimal view of the field. You can easily fill the tank with big bags through the large opening due to the comfortable height of 142 cm. Emptying the tank is also easy via a hatch at the bottom. In addition, sensors in the seed drill tanks indicate when the seed drops below a certain level and automatically activate the feeder on the front tank. Lastly, the tanks can be equipped with a packer wheel that presses the soil evenly during sowing.

Seed drill parts

We not only sell Herriau seed drills at Huis Vallaey. We also stock all Herriau seed drill spare parts:

  • Seed discs
  • Seed coulters
  • Sowing elements

These can be purchased as additional parts or if your seed drill has broken down. The Herriau seed drill components are of a high quality and subject to stringent safety standards.

Seed drills
Seed drills
Seed drills

Why buy Herriau seed drills?

Herriau continues to innovate its seed drills, drawing on input from farmers and contractors. The brand also takes into account current and future arable farming systems.


Herriau guarantees a superior quality. They always choose the best materials, which is why the seed drills are known for their high load and wear resistance. The machines are used all over the world, on various types of soil.


Based on the input of users, technical know-how and years of experience, Herriau knows precisely which areas require innovation. They work on improving existing seed drills and take future economic and ecological circumstances into account.


All Herriau seed drills (both Turbosem Satellite and Turbosem Integrata) and front tanks are customised.

Seed drills
Seed drills
Seed drills
Seed drills

Interested in buying a customised precision seed drill?

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