Farmers and contractors worldwide use balers to make crops easier to handle, transport and store. Different types of crops, varying weather conditions and specific expectations require robustness and efficiency. As the main dealer of New Holland agricultural machines in Belgium, Huis Vallaey is bound to have the ideal baler for your agricultural activities. We also stock Herriau seed drills, Agrifac sprayers, Geringhoff attachments, DiBO cleaning machines and Maschio implements.

Square, round and rectangular balers

New Holland has been the world leader in large square balers for many years, thanks to multiple ground-breaking firsts. The brand also has a wide range of round balers with a fixed or variable chamber. Some models are available with a wrapper. Three types of small rectangular balers complete the range. Historically, New Holland was the first manufacturer of this type of baler.


The advantages of our balers

  • Speed: New Holland balers offer high productivity and speed.
  • High pack density and capacity: excellent compression allows more of the crop to be packed in a bale. So you save time and costs, in the field and during transport.
  • Perfect bale formation: our balers guarantee a high-quality end result.
  • Versatility: we have a wide range of balers in all shapes and sizes that will do the job in any conditions, with a variety of crops.
  • Quality tie systems: New Holland was the first manufacturer to fit an automatic tie system to balers.

New Holland balers

We have worked with New Holland since 1958. Remi Vallaey Sr. began selling Claeys stationary threshers in the 1920s. Claeys was later acquired by New Holland. The latter has been committed for over a century to making life easier for farmers worldwide through efficient and durable agricultural machinery. At Huis Vallaey we fully support the company’s commitment. We have been standing side by side for more than 60 years and Huis Vallaey is the main dealer for the complete range of New Holland harvesting machines, telehandlers, tractors and implements.


Want to buy a second-hand baler?

Are you looking for a baler that will serve more as an auxiliary machine? Since you will use it less often, it is not as interesting to invest in a brand-new baler. Drop by Huis Vallaey and discover the range of used balers.

The right tractor for your baler

The baler model (and thus the equipment) largely determines the power required by the tractor. The tractor must be able to drive the baler efficiently across the land, even on sloping fields. Take a look at our different tractors or pay us a visit at Huis Vallaey to get some personal advice.

Maintenance and repairs for your baler

A faulty baler means you lose time – it’s logical. To prevent a faulty baler, you can have your machine serviced annually by Huis Vallaey. In addition, you benefit from special conditions for winter maintenance for your baler. We carry out repairs on site.

We can be reached every day,
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To get your baler back in top condition, we rely on our huge stock of spare parts:

  • Pick-up teeth
  • Rotor blades
  • Chains
  • Shear bolts

Huis Vallaey, more than 100 years’ experience

Huis Vallaey is an old hand in the trade. Great-grandfather Emiel started manufacturing agricultural machinery as early as 1898. Remi Vallaey Sr. began selling Claeys stationary threshers in the 1920s. Claeys was later acquired by New Holland. Today, with more than 100 years’ experience, we are New Holland’s main dealer in Belgium.

We supply a wide range of high-quality, professional agricultural machinery:

You can rely on us for agricultural machinery parts, both from renowned brands and our own white label.


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