Are you a farmer or contractor looking for an agricultural machine or tractor for one of your secondary activities? If so, you don’t need to invest in a brand new machine. At Huis Vallaey we also have a large selection of second-hand agricultural machines and tractors in perfect condition.

The quality of our used agricultural machinery

Opting for a second-hand agricultural machine or tractor does not mean compromising on quality, certainly not at Huis Vallaey. How do we guarantee this quality? As in our range of new models, we opt exclusively for high-quality brands:

When we receive a used agricultural machine through an acquisition, we clean the machine and carry out a thorough inspection of the parts or any defects. We ensure the machine is in good order technically and visually. As soon as it meets our expectations we test the machine. If necessary, we replace defective components with new machine parts from our own stock. We have both affordable and renowned brands. Our range of used agricultural machines and tractors always consists of models in good shape, and is kept up-to-date through regular inspection and maintenance.

Still prefer a new agricultural machine?

Do you need a specific agricultural machine for one of your main activities? If so, it is more interesting to invest in a new agricultural machine. If you do, you can tailor it perfectly to your activities. Huis Vallaey is New Holland’s main dealer in Belgium and sells the complete range:

Second-hand agricultural machinery

Discover our range of second-hand agricultural machinery and tractors

Buy or sell your used farm machinery at a great price at Huis Vallaey.

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